Wellness-Anwendungen im Hotel Schönruh RelaxSPA.

Wellness-Anwendungen im Hotel Schönruh RelaxSPA.


Pampering wellness for harmony & balance

Let yourself be in harmony and balance and enjoy exclusive wellness treatments at the Hotel Schönruh RelaxSPA.

Especially relaxing are our soothing spa baths, which entice you with wonderful fragrances and health-promoting ingredients. In addition to these noble treatments, the Hotel Schönruh RelaxSPA also offers special, individual wellness packages, which can be booked both in advance and on the spot.

Beauty & health packs

Wrapped in our soft-pack couch (waterbed about 38 °).

Full body peeling from fermes de Marie - 45 min.

(made of three minerals & precious stones) followed by a rose packing - has a strong maintaining, nourishing, and firming effect. Edelweiss has anti-aging properties and smoothes the skin structure.

€ 62,00
Almond oil pack with sea salt peeling - 45 min.
Skin cleansing full-body peeling with sea salt. Has strongly nourishing, firming and skin structure smoothening effect.
€ 52,00

Aroma-sea salt-treatment - 45 min.

After a whole body peeling, consisting of sea salt, oil and essential oils, the skin is treated with high-quality care products.

€ 52,00
See salt peeling - 25 min.€ 38,00
Almond oil pack - 25 min.€ 28,00
Cleopatra milkoil pack - 25 min.€ 28,00
Comfort Spa TRUFFLE 

LUXUS-Nourishment for the skin
The amino acids and minerals contained in the truffles are rejuvenating, regulate the skin's moisture and are responsible for the skin-tightening, nourishing effect.

€ 39,00
Comfort Spa CRYSTAL
Pampering with the power of ruby. Finely ground ruby dust soothes the skin and brings new tension, energy conjures a smooth, smooth skin. A true luxury for every type of skin.
€ 39,00

 2. Person extra fee:  € 8,00 per bath
Duration: per bath 20 min.


Dream bath with nourishing oils and a glass of Prosecco.

€ 30,00
Hayflower bath
€ 22,00
Bath for common cold
€ 22,00
Honey-pine bath
The power of the alps with our special pine milk. 
€ 30,00
Gummi bear bath (for kids)
Baby oil skin care & gummy bears for snack
€ 20,00

The exclusive and sophisticated spa facilities in the hotel Schönruh RelaxSPA uses dynamic impetus for a more relaxing and more personalized vacation in Gerlos, in the beautiful Ziller Valley. Let us spoil you and enjoy the fragrances and sounds of our wellness and vital world.

Feel quality of life in our sauna and infrared cabin, their use strengthens the body's defenses, and enjoy health-enhancing beauty packs, wich do well for skin and body.