Welcome to Gerlos

Welcome to Gerlos

Would you like to leave all your daily worries behind? Beautiful, relaxing days or weeks without deadline stress and big city buzz? Then you are at Hotel Schönruh in Gerlos in the idyllic Zillertal on the right place!

Welcome to the Hotel Schönruh in Gerlos

Welcome to the Hotel Schönruh in Gerlos

Wellness area in Hotel Schönruh

Wellness area in Hotel Schönruh

This is how we protect you

current status 20.09.2021

The corona virus is on the retreat - at least in European countries.
Now it is time to slowly return to normal.
In close cooperation with representatives of the health care system
and recommendations from the WHO,
we have taken comprehensive measures to ensure that nothing stands in the
way of a relaxing holiday away from the worries and fears surrounding Covid-19.
Your health is in the best hands with us! Your family Krupik & staff team

summarized - here the most important information about the innovations.

We know our guests! - Enjoy the special luxury, away from the crowds,
in a small, family-run hotel in the high-altitude Gerlos mountain village.

Only hotel guests - no walk-in customers - less hustle and bustle - less risk!

- Check-in exclusively with one of the "3G" (vaccinated, tested or recorvered)

- We Welcome you with a smile - we do not shake hands.

- We and our staff are fully vaccinated.

- As usual, we serve the dinner courses in the evening service. The buffet area is also fully available! Hand disinfection and disposable gloves at the buffet entrance.

- Disinfectant dispensers at all entrances and public areas in the hotel

- extra scheduled cleaning of frequently used surfaces (door handles, handrails, room cards, etc.)

- room cleaning is more meticulous, with special disinfection before your arrival and room sealing.

- a new standard: regular hand washing and disinfection.

- the minimum distance is observed in accordance with the regulations.

- our ventilation systems provide us with 100% fresh air and allow us to exchange air several times per hour.

- a face mask (in German we call is FFP2 Mask) must be worn in the gondola lift, in shops and on public transport.

- dance evenings and visits to the wine cellar are currently suspended for the benefit of our guests.

In the hotel you will find many recommendations for safe interaction with one another. For your and our safety, we ask you to follow these recommendations. These are, for example: hand disinfection and / or wearing disposable gloves. Maximum number of people in saunas and indoor swimming pool, minimum distance, etc ...

The detailed hygiene concept, a prevention plan and an emergency plan are available in German in the hotel.

If there are any signs of illness, we ask you not to travel to us. We have introduced relaxed cancellation conditions for the summer. The conclusion of a travel cancellation insurance such as e.g .: the "Europäische" provides additional protection against possible costs.

  • there are no cancellation costs up to 7 days before your arrival. from 7 days before the start of your holiday we will invoice you half of the booked stay. See the the austrian hotel regulations informations

  • no deposit for summer 2021

  • Free cancellation if the arrival shouldnot be possible due to the border closure to Austria.

    Travel insurance: - NEW with Corona coverage!
    More than just cancellation insurance (without excess) for your vacation.
    Hotelstorno Plus also includes travel interruption, additional costs in the event of delayed arrival or an involuntary extension of vacation, and search and rescue costs. Entrust your vacation to the "Europaeische".
    You can find information about travel cancellation insurance plus here: Europäische Reiseversicherung

Good News first - thw winter season 

our government has a 3-step plan for the upcoming winter - primarily aimed at the utilization of the needet hospitaity beds. No restrictions are to be expected for vaccinated or recovered persons. (exception face mask in gondolas)
the following information applies to step level 1+2

the following 3 rules applies.

Vaccinated (valid until 360 days after 2.vaccination)


tested* (PCR - test not older than 72 hours or antigen test - not older than 24 hours)


recovered (up to 6 months after the illness with appropriate confirmation or with antibody confirmation, which must not be older than 3 months)

* The compulsory test applies from 12years of age

The following applies to public hotel areas

  • NO face mask needet!
  • guests with the entry status -Tested-
    During your stay, you will independently carry out a controlled antigen test every day. (Adults and children from 12 years) 
  • Elevators can only be used alone or in a family group

    For the wellness facilities:

  • There is a capacity recommendation the swimming pool and in the sauna cabins.

    For the bar or restaurant:

  • A minimum distance must be maintained between people at other tables

Outside the hotel applies

  • in restaurants, cafes, huts, etc. the same rules apply as mentioned above. Registration requirement in an APP "Tracy" specially developed for the region.

Apres Ski

  • only possible for vaccinated or recovered persons.

What happens after 3.level

  • extension of the 2G Rule
  • stricter controls on the measures in force
  • Antigen tests are no longer valid just PCR tests

    Since a lot is being relaxed at the moment, we would like to refer you to the following page of Tirol Tourismus, this information is always up-to-date. You can find information HERE.

    Testungen für den Sommer 2021

    - Antigentest in einer Teststraße direkt in GERLOS  (Gültigkeit 24h) - KOSTENLOS

    „Antigentest in der Gerloser Teststraße“

    unter vorab Anmeldung unter tiroltestet.leitstelle.tirol können Sie sich online für einen Abstrich in der Gerloser Teststrasse kostenlos anmelden.
    Die dann zugesandte Bestätigungs SMS ist für 24h in ganz Tirol gültig und dient auch als Testnachweis für Ihre Rückreise in Ihr Heimatland. (Sofern erforderlich)

    Testungen für den Winter 2021/22 

    - diese werden auch im Winter angeboten - zum heutigen Zeitpunkt aber
    wissen wir noch nicht ob diese dann auch kostenlos sind, bzw. wo diese durchgeführt werden können.